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Singer: Mrs Celebration GUNVOR

Produced by Jens Gad at 007Lab Lake Hollywood for gadmusic.com

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New verse lyrics by Gunvor:


Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, happy birthday

Happy birthday to you


Let’s celebrate your day

May all your dreams come true

Let the music play

With old friends and new


Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, happy birthday

Happy birthday to you

Beethoven ODE TO JOY


Arrangement produced by Jens Gad at 007Lab Hollywood Lake for gadmusic.com / Lyrics by Gunvor

Album "001" - A tribute to James Bond

Songs written by Jens Gad, Toby Gad, Nicole Williams, Joie Giordano + Gunvor

Cover from Sam Smith
"Writings on the wall"

GUNVOR CD "001"                         Hommage to James Bond

Album "That's life"

Arranged with the Radio- and TV Orchestra Bratislava

GUNVOR Wedding Singer

GUNVOR References


Swing, Musical, Evergreens, Dance-Hits                                Piano mit Djembe und Tap Dance

GUNVOR singt die Nationalhymne

Musical Andrew Lloyd Webber Gala

GUNVOR singt CATS Memory, 2017 bei www.luegarena.ch

Gesang mit Champagner Apéro im Bürgenstock Resort

GUNVOR "Secret love" live mit Band im Kaufleuten Zürich (eigener Song)

GUNVOR Swingsong & tapdance                              "S'Wonderful", George Gershwin

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